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Sure, almost everybody likes coffe, but apparently how you like your coffee can reveal quite a bit abaout your personality. Which one of these coffee bevarages do you most want to drink?


You are a natural born leader, You work hard and play very hard. You are natural and an inspiration to other, both at work and in your social life. As an espresso drinker, you like things a little more straightforward.


You believe in logic. You are a practical person and your decisions, large or small, are driven by logic, not emotions, like some of your friends. You do your best at work when your boss tells you exactly what they want.


You have a more laid back nature. You don’t worry about overanalyzing every decision. You prefer to let your imagination consider all the options in a leisurely manner, you like to be comfortable.


You are a very sophisticated individual. Your sense of style is classy. You are creative and your sociable nature makes you very good friend  to others


You are a much more adventurous person that has lot of friends. You prefer to be spontaneous and live for the moment.

And speaking of energy, you have a lot of it, that is why you choose a coffee that is smooth and mild.


You are very assertive person. You don’t have time for pettiness or drama. You feel very confident in expressing your opinions and you think of your self as somewhat of a trend setter. You are much more in control of your emotional.


You lead a much more minimalistic life style. You much prefer a straightforward approach in fashion and life. You tend to be on the quiet side and can sometimes be prone to mood swings.


You have somewhat of a dual personality. On the one hand, you are originazed But on the other hand, you love to cut loose and little messy.

We at Sip Coffee have  created an in house coffee blend using the best of Indonesian coffee beans, to give you a good international taste experience, with a promise of consistency in strength, flavor and quality. At Sip  you are assured that the taste and flavor of the coffee does not change with each batch.

Our Coffee Masters with their years of tasting knowledge spend hours blending our Sip coffee. When you drink a cup of Sip Coffee it rejuvenates you and makes you want to keep returning fore more, with the quality assurance that the next cup of coffee will taste the same.

Sip A Coffee Espresso Blend uses a mix of best Sumatra Gayo beans with other select Indonesian coffee beans to create the perfect magic of strong aroma with a smooth creamy coffee flavor and strong caffeine punch to sharpen your sense. We roast our beans just right to give the desired perfect bitter taste that is most sort after by you.

Our Sip A Coffee Espresso Coffee blend is perfected starting with hand picked coffee beans by our Coffee Masters  and  followed by strict quality control while roasting the beans to  perfection. Making our coffee beans distinct -

- Roasts - Dark
- Fragrance-Woody, nutty with a hit of earthy
- Aroma-Sweety. earthy with hint of nutty
- Flavour-Rich and balanced, hint of caramel with a mild bitter taste
- Body-Thick, balanced and buttery
- Acidity-Mild
- Taste-The coffee has a crisp, bright flavor, with subtle hints of nutty, woody, flavours and a mildly - brunt bitter taste.


Try our coffee and you will be surprised by its strength, taste and aroma, offered at an affordable price.


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